Soul Healers Couples Workshop

Learn how to communicate effectively, resolve conflict, reconcile differences, and enhance empathy. Soul Healers Weekends are offered twice each year, typically every Spring and Fall.

*The cost covers the cost per couple, two Couples Workbooks, and small snacks. Meals and hotel costs are not included. If you are traveling from out of town, please see the link below for a list of hotels that are near our offices.

The format of the Workshop is classroom-style teaching from Drs. Tom and Bev with time for you to work on exercises with your partner. We do not break into small groups with required sharing, but there is an opportunity for questions with the group where you can share if you choose to.

Coming from out of town? Here are a list of Hotels Near our Offices

Couples One-to-One Weekend Intensives

Who Should Attend?
  • Couples who feel like they just get started in weekly therapy and have to shut down because of time.
  • On the brink couples who are on their last leg. We specialize in Last-ditch-effort couples.
  • Couples who have tried weekly therapy and need more. They need surgery not just physical therapy
  • Couples who are stuck and even after weekly therapy keep playing out the same unhealthy patterns and need to get a jump start.
  • Couples who are too busy with careers, children or activities to commit to weekly therapy.
  • Couples who need help quickly and deeply and can’t wait for weekly therapy to work
  • Couples who need the privacy and one-to-one attention that the classroom setting does not provide.
  • Couples where one spouse won’t commit to weekly therapy but will come for a short time.
What is Couples One-to-One Weekend Intensive?
This is a very powerful weekend format to help couples share their own specific issues and have the benefit of the focused attention on your marriage relationship. We will tailor make your treatment for your own specific issues. The sustained time of 3 days and 15 hours allows couples to get to the root of the deep hurts and soul wounds that can be damaging to their marriage and allow time for spiritual, emotional and relational healing to occur.
Why are these weekends so effective?
  • You get enough time to get underneath your defenses and examine the root of your issues
  • They are individualized and tailor-made for your own issues.
  • It is a safe, private, and confidential environment dedicated just for you with no distractions, interruptions, phones, children or jobs to distract you. This is your time for your marriage.
  • You get to emotionally charged issues quickly in the safety and security of a counselors office.
  • You get to actually practice and succeed at using the tools of the soul healing love model before your return home to real life stressors.
  • You get teaching and direction from a husband-and-wife team of experts for support and help.

Soul Healing Love Leaders Level I Training

  • Learn and Teach the Foundational Theories of Soul Healing Love
  • Facilitate a Couples Diagnostic: How to determine soul wounds by using the Soul Healogram with others
  • Helping Couples communicate effectively through anger management, conflict resolution, reconciling differences
  • Train couples in tools to put fun and romance back into marriage
  • Instruct couples toward Empathy, Understanding, and Forgiveness in Marriages
  • Learn how to turn couples that hurt into couples that heal
Participants must also attend a 15-hr Soul Healers Weekend and/or view the 3-DVD Soul Healers Leaders Training Series. Upon completion you will earn a Certification as a Soul Healer.

Healing the Soul Workshop

Learn how your own childhood wounds have affected the way you see yourself. This workshop will help you see the indulgences and adaptations to these wounds. By bringing them to the Lord, you can find healing for past hurts.

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