Soul Healing Love Book

(available on CD)
Turning Relationships that Hurt into Relationships that Heal. – also listen to Drs. Bev and Tom in your car or while at work.

Couples Toolkit

2.5 hr Highlight of Soul Healers Workshop with 2 Workbooks
13 Lessons which include all 10 exercises for couples to do on their own or in a group.

Soul Healers Leader’s Guide

A Step-by-step process for using Soul Healing Love with your group or organization.

Soul Healers Workshop and Leaders Training on DVD

10 hrs. of a Soul Healers Workshop in a 3 disc DVD set along with training for those who want to be soul healers to others.

Singlehood Phenomenon: Top Ten Reasons Singles are Afraid to Marry

Ten brutally honest reasons people aren’t getting married.

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