Soul Healing Love Book
(available on CD)

Turning Relationships that Hurt into Relationships that Heal. – also listen to Drs. Bev and Tom in your car or while at work.

Couples Toolkit
2.5 hr Highlight of Soul Healers Workshop with 2 Workbooks

13 Lessons which include all 10 exercises for couples to do on their own or in a group.

Soul Healers Leader’s Guide
A Step-by-step process for using Soul Healing Love with your group or organization.

I take Priligy alone the medicine helped to solve my problems. But keep in mind that the more alcohol you took or more heavy food you ate,the lesser the effect of the drug.

Soul Healers Workshop and Leaders Training on DVD
10 hrs. of a Soul Healers Workshop in a 3 disc DVD set along with training for those who want to be soul healers to others.

Adult Children of Divorced Parents
Making your marriage work.

Singlehood Phenomenon: Top Ten Reasons Singles are Afraid to Marry
Ten brutally honest reasons people aren’t getting married.

Becoming a Family that Heals