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Welcome to Rodgers Christian Counseling

Are you or someone you love dealing with difficult life issues or relationship struggles? Does life seem hard and you wonder where God is? Our team of quality professional counselors and coaches want to help. With a gentle, loving hand we can guide you through life’s storms.

front_widget_1Quality professional counseling with a sensitive emphasis on Christian values and truths.

Together, Drs. Beverly and Tom Rodgers have developed the Soul Healing Love Model, coauthored 5 books and produced various CD’s and DVD’s.

We at RCCA are honored that you have chosen us and look forward to walking with you on your healing journey.

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Did you know you can meet with an RCCA counselor in Gastonia?  We have counselors available at Bethlehem Church and Ranlo Church.

3100 Bethlehem Church St. Gastonia, NC 28056
1517 Spencer Mountain Rd. Gastonia, NC 28054

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