How to Keep Romance Alive in Marriage

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In our busy fast paced lives Romance doesn’t just come naturally after we get married. In order to keep Romance alive you actually have to work at it. Here are some dos and don’t’s of keeping romance alive.

1. Don’t take your mate for granted. When you marry you have a romance. It is noun, but when you
stay married you must Do romance. It then becomes a verb. It is easy to think that your mate
“just knows” that you love them. Even saying it can get old if you don’t take the time to make
each other feel special.
2. Don’t assume that you and your partner have the same Love Language. Dr. Gary Chapman wrote the
classic book, The Five Love Languages. We all have a way we feel loved be it quality time, acts
of service, gifts, or words of affirmation. If your love language is gift giving, you may give
gifts to your spouse and he or she may desire words of affirmation. Learn to give them what
they need not what your need.
3. Men don’t assume that sex is all the romance a relationship needs. Romancing for women can mean
conversation, affection, and help with the kids. Create an environment of love and affection so
that sex is the culmination not the whole event.

Do’s of romance

1. Date regularly.
2. Do know what makes your mate feel special.
3. Talk about your “US,” what we love about each other, show interest in what interests your
spouse. Discuss your hopes dreams not just kids, schedules or work. That’s not romantic!
4. Have fun, laugh, play, learn something new together keep your romance growing.

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