John May

John is a student at Liberty University and is studying to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He also holds experience in ministry leadership by leading missionary teams in Africa as well as being a small group leader at his church.

John is passionate about coming alongside you as you discover who you are in Christ. His gifts of compassion, warmth and empathy will help guide you through life’s struggles and times of pain. His understanding of the Soul Healing Love model will give you the safety and support you need to work through challenging circumstances that will help heal your heart, soul, and mind. His experience working with the world’s most vulnerable populations has given him the ability to see the heart of every difficult situation. John sees the positive traits in every human being and will travel with you to discover yours.

  John has experience working with adults with developmental disabilities and their families. He works with men, women, couples, and families. John has a passion working with men and women struggling with depression, anxiety, and trauma. His desire is to see families thrive and overcome difficult situations. His current academic experience of family systems, marital and premarital counseling, and psychopathology will help aid you in your healing process and help you write the next best chapter of your life.

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