Current Marital Research Echoes the Biblical Wisdom of Proverbs

Famous marriage researcher, Dr. John Gottman, studied marriage for decades at the University of Washington in Seattle. He now trains therapists and writes books on his findings. He actually had a “love-lab” where couples came and lived, and were observed via hidden camera. These couples were also wired to biofeedback machines to determine their levels […]

How to Handle Money Conflicts in Marriage

A short piece by Dr. Beverly Rodgers on resolving conflicts that arise from money related issues in marriage.

What is a Healthy Way to Deal With Anger and Conflict in Marriage

What is a Healthy Way to Deal With Anger and Conflict in Marriage

Every marriage has conflict. In fact, famous marital researcher, Dr. John Gottman, says good marriages that last the test of time are not void of conflict. Healthy couples just know how to resolve these inevitable disagreements. It has been our experience as marital therapists for the last 40 years that most couples fight about superficial, surface issues, and often miss the real reasons that lie beneath their anger. The chronic conflict over your husband not cleaning up his crumbs from the counter may not really be about crumbs at all. There could be a deeper root. Finding the deeper root can help couples resolve conflict and even bring healing to each other.

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