Steven Land

Steven seeks to walk alongside you as you journey through a difficult season of your life. His goal is to help you discover the inner resources as well as provide tools and information that will help you better understand yourself and your situation. He also looks to help you write a new story for your life, to look at your experiences in a new way and take ownership of your future. He works to help you understand the connection between the brain, body, and soul by using the Soul Healing Love model and methods. Throughout the journey, he seeks to emphasize Christ’s love for you and how that impacts your situation.

Steven works with men, women, teens, families and couples. He can assist in a variety of issues and problems.

Here are some of the issues he has worked with in the past:

Steven earned a MA in Professional Counseling as well as a MA in Human Services & Executive Leadership from Liberty University. He has served as a discipleship pastor and small group leader in his local church. Further, he has been an academic advisor helping individuals of all ages with their educational goals.

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