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Steven is excited to join the Institute for Soul Healing Love so he can begin walking along side those who struggle and enabling them to understand how their past affects their present. In building on this knowledge along with the Soul Healing Love Model, he desires to help people change and reshape thought patterns and behaviors. He is passionate about helping people change and grow.

Steven attended Liberty University where he earned two Bachelor’s Degrees in Religion why Pastoral Leadership Concentration, and Psychology in 2012. He also earned a Master of Arts in Human Services from Liberty in 2014. He joins us to complete his internship for a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling. When he is not at RCCA, he works in the healthcare field. He has experience in Academic Advising where he helped students of all ages achieve educational and career goals. He also worked in the inner city of Lynchburg, Virginia during college as a community center mentor and tutor for elementary students and served in his church as a discipleship director, developing classes for groups of all ages and leading small groups himself.

Through these experiences, Steven has learned the value of developing healthy relationships with those in need and feels it is an honor to walk beside them as they heal. He approaches counseling in an individualized approach, finding what works best for each client and situation. Steven is eager to help guide you through your past pains and hurts. Together, you will explore these hurts and pains to understand how they affect you today so that you can change and reshape your thought patterns, behaviors, and enhance your relationships and your life.