So many people have felt hopeless, helpless, sadness beyond all comprehension, as if they are in a deep dark pit of mud and mire and with every effort to climb out, they simply slide further into the dark. Sadly, some succumb to the darkness and decide that the world–their friends, their family–would be better off without them here. If you or someone you know has felt this way, please watch this video. There are so many reasons to find hope for the rest of your life. Here are 13 Reasons why we hope you will #CommitToLive. And if this video helps you, please share and tag #CommitToLive.

Questions for Reflection:

Which of the 13 Reasons meant the most to you?

What are some of the future hopes and dreams you can look forward to? Why not write them down in a place you can read them everyday as a reminder of your Reasons to #CommitToLive.

What Unbalanced Thinking Styles–those Cognitive Distortions–do you fall into? How can you bring balance to your thinking?