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Welcome the Coach’s Corner with Life Coach Don Hunt!

Meet the Coach:

Don is an ordained minister who has experience both as a pastor and pastoral counselor. He is also certified as a Pastoral Counselor and Advanced Christian Life Coach. Read more about him here and read some of his thoughts and helpful insights in The Coach’s Corner!

Can a WOUNDED WARRIOR still fulfill his mission?

I love those stories of heroism, on the battle field, when even though wounded himself, gives himself to save his brothers from certain death. I love the old movie, Wind Talkers, where Nicolas Cage plays that part…losing his entire company, survives sustaining horrific hearing injuries that should have sent him home. He cheats the hearing test just to get back in action. Yes, he felt guilt that he was the only one to survive . It drove him, but in the end, he created a real memorial, when he overcame it with his new Wind Talker comrade who eventually he began to respect and became his friend.

I’ve never been in military combat, but I have been wounded. If you’ve lived a while, you have as well… emotionally, verbally, maybe even physically. But if you allow your wounded spirit to remain unhealed and your perps unforgiven, you lose.

So, can a WOUNDED WARRIOR still fulfill his mission in life? It’s entirely up to you and me. Yes it’s tough to forgive and move forward, but it beats the alternative: slow death of the soul, depression, and loss of purpose – forever victim mentality.

If a war hero can rise above his major afflictions to the task, what’s holding us back? Join me? You CAN make a difference!

You are what you think!

Dietitians tell us that our body is what we eat, and Solomon tells us we are what we think…what we mentally and emotionally dwell on. A new year is a great time to reflect, reset/recalibrate, or renew our mindset. I can dwell on last year’s disappointments and problems/misfortunes or on the goodness of God, His blessings and solutions. I can focus on mistakes and missed opportunities or on personal growth and making good choices every day. I can think about the negative attitudes and hurtful actions of others, which I cannot control, or my own attitude and healthy responses, which I can control. I can look for faults and failures in myself and others or intentionally seek to find the good and become more affirming of good qualities. If I am what I think on, I choose to think positive and healthy thoughts (Philippians 4:7,8). Will you join me?

Do you have a Great Mind?

 “SMALL minds discuss other people, AVERAGE minds discuss facts and figures, GREAT minds discuss ideas, possibilities and visionary goals.” If our physical body is what we eat, then our mind is what we focus on and talk about. Jesus said, “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” If therefore, we want to have a great mind, we must be “transformed by renewing our mind.” In other words, refocus our thoughts and conversation on great things. Great people don’t waste their time or mind discussing other people (gossip), but instead, surround themselves with like minded people of vision. So when it comes down to it, what are my aspirations…small, average, or a great mind?

Attitude Determines Altitude

The altitude of an airplane is determined by the attitude of the nose. Aim the nose upward and you gain and maintain altitude. Drop the nose and you lose altitude (that’s ok if you want to land the plane). My potential and success is limited or stimulated by my attitude. My attitude is governed by my Self Talk. We all have Self Talk, either positive or negative. We tend to believe what we say to or about ourselves, we act on what we believe, then we become how we act. “As a man thinks in his heart, so he becomes,” (Solomon-Proverbs). Hmmm, so the “power of positive thinking” really isn’t “new age!” I’ve personally experienced both high and low altitude…I’m more conscious now than ever: Keep that nose up!

Growing Intimacy

It’s hard to stay upset or angry with someone when your goal is intimacy: acceptance, seeking insight and understanding, praying for and loving, even the one who’s hurt you. -Abraham Lincoln-“I don’t much like that man! I should get to know him better.” -Jesus told us, “Love your enemies…,” “Pray for those who persecute/use you,” and “Rejoice when you are persecuted for righteousness sake.” Jesus’ words weren’t so we’d feel righteous, superior, or even justified to disengage. He knew that our resentful, bitter attitude would hold us captive, “defile us and our other relationships,” Hebrews 12:14,15. So be free, have better emotional and physical health, by forgiving, praying for, and seeking understanding. Best place to start? Right at home…with the one(s) we love most!

Reputation vs Character

Reputation is a fickle thing!  It is something that I cannot control.  It can change from good to bad based on public opinion.  From social media to common gossip in the church, workplace, neighborhood, family, etc., people can enhance or tarnish our reputation.

Character, however, is something I can control.  It is something I can build and maintain through my values, attitude and choices.  It is something that stands the tests of time, and in the long run, actually influences and shapes my reputation.

Jesus’ reputation went from compassionate healer, Shepherd, wise teacher and hope of the common man to that of a deranged enemy of the state.  The same crowd, that on “Palm Sunday,” had hailed Him as king, were yelling, “crucify Him,” within the week!  But today, because He “allowed Himself to become of no reputation” (Isaiah 53), is known world-wide by His character as the Messiah – Son of God!  His reputation was built by His relentless attention to His character.

Reputation, in the end, is proven by character.  So, where will my focus be. . .on my dicey reputation, or becoming strong in character?

Pastor Don
Certified Pastoral Counselor, Advanced Christian Life Coach

What are your Opportunities?

Life is full of challenges.  How do you view them?  Most of us see them as problems; negative, dreaded, painful, time-consuming problems!  Don’t you wish you could get a break sometimes, a “vacation” from those energy depleting issues?

Several years ago I heard a phrase I latched on to:  “There are no real problems, only opportunities!”  Sounds too optimistic, don’t you think?  In reality we all experience real problems.  A water pipe bursts, leaking and ruining your floor.  Conflict erupts in relationships, leaving us feeling hurt and misunderstood. A cell-phone operator, while driving their car, crashes into you, totaling your car and sending you to the hospital for a few days.

So where’s the “opportunity” in this?  In fact, where’s God’s help and protection when we need it most?  Maybe, it’s God who sees the opportunity we are missing…He has a plan.  The inconvenience of water damage allows you to get that NEW floor you’ve been needing.  The conflict gives rise to growth and deeper intimacy when we humbly seek it in relationship.  The auto-accident opens doors to be God’s witness of His goodness and grace we otherwise wouldn’t have had to someone we wouldn’t have reached.  Maybe, even a newer car to replace the old one!  Hmm!  So maybe problems do equal opportunities!

Dr. Henry Cloud said, “Willingness to go through the painful moments is a key part of becoming successful.”  The Apostle Paul said, “ALL things work together for good, to those who love Him and are called unto His purpose.”   SO, where’s the “opportunity” in those challenges facing you today?

Pastor Don
Certified Pastoral Counselor, Advanced Christian Life Coach


For as long as I can remember I’ve had a great desire to be well informed with knowledge and truth.  History, Science, how and why things work, are great interests of mine. Most importantly, the wealth of knowledge and insight in God’s Word is what I’ve given my life to. Our Father promises great reward as we seek and find Godly wisdom and understanding!  Solomon, in Proverbs 3:13-18 tells us that we receive God’s blessing!  Wisdom is “more profitable that silver and yields better returns than gold. She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire compares with her (vv.14-15)!”  He promises:

-Long Life Honor
-Honor and richness of life
-Peace and pleasant paths
-Wisdom is a “Tree of Life to those who embrace her”.

Wow!  What an investment!  Where can I sign up?

Ultimately, James 1:5 tells us that good wisdom comes from God to those who seek and ask.  “A wise man will hear and increase learning, and a man of understanding will seek wise counsel (Prov. 1:5).”  Chapter 12:15 tells us, “The way of the fool seems right to him, but a wise man accepts Godly counsel.”  God offers His wisdom through prayer and study of His Word, wise, seasoned, experienced mentors, counselors, teachers and ministers of truth, for guidance.

Want a happier, more productive and satisfying life?  It’s your gift from God!  You just have to be intentional – seek it.

Pastor Don
Certified Pastoral Counselor, Advanced Christian Life Coach