Focus on the Family

Drs. Tom and Beverly Rodgers will be featured on Focus on the Family's Radio Show September 2013
In the business of life, dedicate one weekend to working on your relationship!
The Rodgers are now offering One to One
weekend couples intensives!
Tom and Bev were with Jim Daly and
John Fuller on the daily Focus on the
Family radio broadcast in a 2-day series discussing "Healing the Wounds in
Your Family".  Check Focus on Family's website to find a station and air time
in your area here or click a date to listen
after it airs Sept 9 and Sept 10.
Tools and Resources to Build your Marraige or your Marriage Ministry
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Soul Healing Love On Kindle
Soul Healing Love is now on KINDLE

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Soul Healer Leader Training
Monday October 27, 2014

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Workshops for Couples
Drs. Tom and Beverly Rodgers now have the 2014 dates set for Couples Workshops in Charlotte, NC!

Soul Healers Couples Weekends
October 24-26, 2014
Soul Healers Leaders Training
Monday October 27 2014
Workshops for Individuals
Drs. Tom and Beverly Rodgers offer Individual Workshops in Charlotte, NC!
Updated information
coming soon!
  "The Rodgers have done their homework for this book! It is informative insightful, practical and focuses on solutions and growth. The reader can't help but identify with what is said." 
Norm Wright, Author & Speaker
  "The Rodgers' Soul Healing Love programs details how the basic biblical principles of patience, love and forgiveness really work in healing even the most broken of marriages. They have the know how to help couples succeed!"
              Mark Gungor, Christian Comedian